Dealer Information

Lawn Life has an extensive network of dealers coast to coast. Check out our list of products, which includes labels and msds, and more. You get outstanding technical support online, on the phone, or in person.

See our Products listing offering a complete range of solutions.

  • For residential sale and use, we offer Fiesta Turf Herbicide in 4L containers, as well as Finalsan non selective herbicide in 4L as well.
  • We carry top of the line Grass Seed for your more discerning customers, including our Patch repair shake bottle applicator, featuring our popular Seed and Feed.
  • Seed and Feed compost and grass seed, easily applied with a spreader and a favourite of commercial lawn care operators.
  • Our compost is a homogenous blend of a number of organic components, odour and dust free.
  • Mosquito Less, a food based garlic repellant in commercial, residential, and ready to use sizes.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ken Pavely at 519-939-6063 or by Email